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Wealth Virtues Journal: January 19, 2012

Ten Free Things to do now to Gain Control of your Finances and Save Money

Filed under: Creating Income,Wealth Resources — Tags: , , , , — James Ward @ 3:56 pm
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1. Sign up for for free web tools providing money management and budgeting.

2. Download the free Family Monthly Budget Planner or the Personal Monthly Budget Planning worksheets from Wealth Virtues and start realizing your spending, costs, and how to better manage them.

3. Get a Free Credit Report. Click Here then select “Free Credit Report from the Customer Service menu selection. Find out how you rate and how lenders view you as a credit risk.

4. Unless you have an anniversary or birthday planned out, eliminate dining out and fast food purchases for the next three months until you properly access your finances and spending.

5. Make sure you are stashing enough away in your IRA or 401K for your retirement.  You should plan to have at least $500,000 saved by age 50.  Yes – anyone at any income level can do that.  If you are not there yet, read this.

6. Consider earning extra income through a home-based part time job.

7. Start your own blog (for free) and earn money as an advertising affiliate.

8. Clean (out) the house. You will feel great and in control when you are finished, plus, you will not believe how much junk you don’t need that can be sold at a yard sale.

9. Eliminate the $50 family trip to the movies until you get your finances in order.  Instead, bread out (or buy) games that will refocus you and your children. Check out Money Games and Wealth Games for the whole family.

10. Read This for 10 more actions you can take to build Wealth.

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