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Wealth Virtues Journal: February 27, 2016

Helpful Advice for Military Members and Veterans

Filed under: Wealth Planning — Tags: , , , — James Ward @ 5:02 pm
© 2009 Poor Richard Web Press, LLC

I hear too many stories of folks leaving military service after 5, 10 or even a full 20 years, and having not saved much, even though all active duty personnel have access to the U.S. Government’s Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). While almost all military personnel are dedicated, disciplined, and look to seek satisfaction in honorable duty, many forget to use that same discipline and dedication to thinking more long-term. With that in mind, here is an excerpt from Wealth Virtues to which military folks can relate.

Wealth Virtues Journal: December 23, 2011

Anyone Can Have Tax-Free Income Because of a Senator from Delaware

Filed under: American Wealth,Saving and Investing — Tags: , , , , , — James Ward @ 10:51 am
© 2009 Poor Richard Web Press, LLC

Anyone can have tax-free retirement income which can also be passed to your heirs also tax free!

Wealth Virtues Journal: September 14, 2011

The Similarities of a Ponzi Scheme to Social Security

Filed under: American Wealth — Tags: , , , — James Ward @ 1:14 pm
© 2009 Poor Richard Web Press, LLC

Much ado has been made on Social Security being a Ponzi scheme. But what is a Ponzi scheme and what does it have in common with Social Security? More than you think, and a little worse!

Wealth Virtues Journal: November 13, 2010

Replace Social Security with a current U. S. Government program that actually works!

Filed under: Saving and Investing — Tags: , , , — James Ward @ 5:15 pm
© 2009 Poor Richard Web Press, LLC

Let’s play a game. I give you four dollars, then you pay someone five. You are the government. How long do you want to keep doing this?

Wealth Virtues Journal: October 13, 2010

He That Lives on Hope Will Die Fasting – Instead try Wealth Virtues

Filed under: Press Release — Tags: , , , , — James Ward @ 11:04 am
© 2009 Poor Richard Web Press, LLC

There are those who believe that they can only achieve wealth through such low-probability methods like a lottery, and there are those who simply “hope” for wealth. Hope is a wonderful emotion, but hope without action leads to hopelessness.

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