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Wealth Virtues Journal: November 15, 2016

The Diaper Pin vs. the Grenade Pin – Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum

Filed under: American Wealth — Tags: , , , — James Ward @ 4:50 pm
© 2009 Poor Richard Web Press, LLC

Some of you are happy, and others are, well, not so happy depending on your view of the future. Let us look at what drove the election to its conclusion with the overwhelming victory by Donald Trump, and what it means for your retirement investments.

Wealth Virtues Journal: December 2, 2012

Wealth Virtues Journal: December 23, 2011

Anyone Can Have Tax-Free Income Because of a Senator from Delaware

Filed under: American Wealth,Saving and Investing — Tags: , , , , , — James Ward @ 10:51 am
© 2009 Poor Richard Web Press, LLC

Anyone can have tax-free retirement income which can also be passed to your heirs also tax free!

Wealth Virtues Journal: January 27, 2011

Why Netflix Helps Me to Balance my Wants vs. Needs, and Increases my Wealth

Filed under: Saving and Investing — Tags: , , , , — James Ward @ 5:04 pm
© 2009 Poor Richard Web Press, LLC

A while back, a service I recommend in my book Wealth Virtues, the Stock Advisor from recommended Netflix stock (NFLX) as an addition to anyone’s portfolio. I took that advice, mostly on the recommendation, but also because of my experience as a new customer.

Wealth Virtues Journal: October 19, 2010

Women, Money, and Virtues: The New American Revolution

Filed under: Virtues in Practice — Tags: , , , , — James Ward @ 3:16 pm
© 2009 Poor Richard Web Press, LLC

As a father of three wonderful, strong, intelligent daughters, the husband of a fiscally savvy woman, and the brother of a woman who started a multi-million dollar business from nothing, I can honestly say that I was influenced dramatically in the writing of WEALTH VIRTUES by seeing what my sister did, benefiting from what my wife does, and hoping for what my daughters will achieve.

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