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Wealth Virtues Journal: October 15, 2010

Socialism Could Have Been Stopped…Only if…

Filed under: Lacking Virtues — Tags: , , , , , , — James Ward @ 12:13 am
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Socialism may be rearing its ugly head in the beginning of the 21st century, but it could have been stopped in the late 20th century only if…

If only I had written WEALTH VIRTUES 20 years ago, maybe the writings of Marx and Engle would have been tossed into the fire to be replaced by some good old fashioned American common sense – You know, the same stuff that you find in the Declaration of Independence. But alas, I cannot change the past; but you can change your future!

Wealth Virtues available online and in bookstoresAre you still hoping for the lottery ticket that you just bought to bring you fabulous riches? Perhaps you are hoping that there will be a newly found will from a long lost relative that allows you to inherit a gazillion dollars. Maybe you are hoping that the same body of politicians that put America in $13 trillion in debt are going to solve your financial problems. Hope all you want for change, but unless you take action, the only thing you will be hoping for is that social security will still exist when you retire.

The focus of WEALTH VIRTUES is on each reader, and the actions required at an individual level. As more of us achieve our own wealth goals by eliminating debt and increasing our savings, society, and ultimately the nation as a whole benefits and becomes stronger in both wealth and virtue.

In Wealth Virtues, wealth is simply the goal of “acquiring more money than you spend, and to save more than you owe.” The path set forth in Wealth Virtues towards this goal is embodied in the Cycle of Positive Wealth©, a repeatable methodology of eliminating debt and increasing your savings. What keeps you on the path is the practice of Thirteen Virtues created and used by one of America’s preeminent Founding Fathers, Dr. Benjamin Franklin.

So instead of waiting for some politician to tell you that unemployment checks are the best way to create jobs (Did I miss the picture of Nancy Pelosi?), then take action now – Declare your Financial Independence starting with a hearty capitalistic dose of WEALTH VIRTUES.

[The people pictured above do not endorse Wealth Virtues (sadly), nor did they receive any compensation for appearing in this blog article]

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