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Wealth Virtues Journal: November 3, 2011

OCCUPY BASEBALL: A Movement All Americans can get Behind

Filed under: American Wealth,Franklin's Virtues: A Way to Wealth — Tags: , , , — James Ward @ 10:23 am
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The average Wall Street employee salary is $141,000 and for the average managing director, take-home pay is roughly $1 M to $1.5M. In comparison, the average Major League Baseball Player salary is $3,305,393.  So where is the OCCUPY BASEBALL movement?

When the socialist goons are out trying to “stop the flow of capital” in Oakland, that means they are not working, not paying taxes, while still demanding more for themselves, those poor down and out 47%ers (the percentage of those that pay NO taxes).  At the same time they are preventing employment for those Americans who do want to actually work for a living.

You know what? In America, you have the opportunity to be anything you want and to make any salary you want.  You have to actually work for it like the Major League Baseball players that pushed their way into a salary range higher than the top performers working Wall Street.

In America you have the choice to create a business, or be happy serving burgers at McDonalds and everything else in between. Do what you like, but understand that your freely-made choices impact your wealth.

If you really want to be wealthy, stop thinking you are in some percentage group. I myself don’t identify with anyone touting themselves as “the 99%” because I worked hard to be a 10%er – someone who is in a group that pays 74% of taxes in America.  I manage great people, I own a small business, I have written a book, I have served my country – but I didn’t whine when those who created their own wealth did so at a greater dollar amount than mine.  I simply just redefined wealth to meet my expectations and my abilities.  You can (and should) as well.

Start with the premise that “wealth” is simply the ability to acquire more money than you spend, and to save more than you owe. This is true weather you earn minimum wage or thousands of dollars an hour. Know where you are at, but have a vision of where you want to go. Then, instead of sitting there hoping government will give you free money, take action to improve your own wealth.  Stop looking at those who you believe have more with envy and distain and thinking you deserve the same. You only deserve what you truly earn yourself.  Instead look in the mirror and where you are at. Do you understand wants vs. needs? Do you have massive credit card debt caused by purchases of things you did not need but only wanted?

The wealthy person is one who has no debts, and more money coming in than going out, with that excess being saved and invested – REGARDLESS OF INCOME.

If you want to be truly wealthy, you need to change your behavior. To do that you must change the way you think and perceive wealth from an individual perspective. If you are truly looking for that change, then start with the virtues of one of our greatest Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin.  If you want to see how Franklins Virtues can bring you true and realistic wealth as defined by you, then read WEALTH VIRTUES.

Listen again to Dr. Franklin who said, “There are two ways of being happy: We must either diminish our wants or augment our means – either may do – the result is the same and it is for each man to decide for himself and to do that which happens to be easier.”

As for me, I plan to OCCUPY BASEBALL next year by going my local single-A team games and watching those who are working for their own dream to be in the Major League. Instead of being resentful, I will be inspired to pursue my own wealth and happiness with my own talents. Besides, the tickets are less expensive.


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