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Wealth Virtues Journal: August 6, 2010

Congress Promotes Slavery in Detroit

Filed under: Lacking Virtues — Tags: , , , — James Ward @ 7:02 am
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There is a new kind of slavery in America, and like the Democratic Party of the 1860s, the Democratic Party of 2010 is all for it. The only difference is that the U.S. Government is the master, and race isn’t an issue.

On the CBS News report on the radio this morning (6 August 2010) there was a story of how a manufacturing business in Detroit had openings. To keep a business profitable, it has to grow.  In this case the owner is so desperate for applicants, he is offering $30 per hour for individuals with manufacturing experience.

The reason he stated that nobody was applying is because he was told, “as long as we are getting our government checks until the fall, we are going to take the summer off.”  The summer off!  Here is my solution:

The conservatives in this country have been accused of being anti-immigration.  That is not true. They are very pro-immigration; they are just anti-ILLEGAL-immigration.  The business owner in Detroit who is facing this dilemma should look to the legal guest worker program to find documented foreign nationals who are willing to work while the government owned masses who want the “summer off” can take the rest of the year off.  There is no more stomach in this country for another socialist program that subsidises laziness and promotes welfare over work.

Welcome to America all you documented and legal immigrants. Like my ancestors who also came here legally, you will help rebuild this country. To those of you in Detroit and other places that want to be enslaved by the government through your “right to vacation” check – keep voting for your representatives in the Socialist (formerly Democratic) party.  Perhaps there is a job you can have in Mexico someday.

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