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Wealth Virtues Journal: June 8, 2010

Breeding Mediocrity in America

Filed under: Lacking Virtues — Tags: , , — James Ward @ 9:01 am
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We hear much about the “dumbing of America.”  Once the land where people came to excel has become a place where others have the opportunity to better control the masses. What more guarantee of our freedom than promoting higher education requirements to our children as well as to promote the fact that not everyone will be, in any singular point of time, a winner, but that they should always strive to be one.

I started thinking about this when I was a soccer coach for a group of 6 year old girls, my daughter included.  As a father, and a coach, I wanted the girls to achieve 2 basic things: to have fun, and to acquire a sense of true sportsmanship.  You play hard and enjoy the game, and if you win, you congratulate the team, and if you lose, you acknowledge that the other team was better (even if they did play the towering seven year-old most of the game). The thing I despised the most was the little trophy given to everyone at the end of the season for playing the game.  If you didn’t make the finals, you were rewarded.  All my efforts to teach that there is nothing wrong with losing a sporting event as long as you learned from it and improve was dashed after losing in the first playoff round when all the girls were beaming over their little plastic “parents paid, I played” trophies instead of reveling in their accomplishments.  Fortunately, I and the other parents were able, as a group, to stress the importance of being a team, and to point out those specific accomplishments of each player when they were on the field.

The great lesson I wanted to endow was that of Ben Franklin’s Virtue of Resolution, “to perform what you ought, and perform without fail what you resolve,” mixed with the virtue of Humility whether they won or lost. Simply speaking, I wanted them to be as great as they could be without getting cocky about it.

When I was an elementary and middle school student, we had school sponsored “field days” where we engaged in school-wide sports competitions.  At the end of the day, the champions of each grade were awarded with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place ribbons. We cheered our champions and were celebrated when we were the champion.  I say this as my two oldest girls have their elementary school field days of sports and to be celebrated as part of the “everyone is a winner” mentality that only establishes a lack of will to excel, and to numb our children’s minds into thinking that they are as good or as bad as anyone else, so why should I even try.  With the softhearted intentions of our teachers to make sure nobody feels bad about themselves, they are propagating the mindset of another generation of children who will be no more than dim-witted slaves to a growing socialist mentality in America. Individual achievement is bad and everyone should have a share in the wealth – right? Or as Marx would say, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

Now we find the liberal monster in the New York schools allowing “partial credit” for wrong math problem answers (12 + 12 + 48), just so we either help children feel good about being at school, or perhaps to pass them on a grade higher so teachers will not have to work as hard to educate the future non-leaders of America.

How Do You Pass NY School Tests

We elect leaders who lack leadership experience, but seek to make us feel good. President Obama is nothing more than a novelty. Less educated or dim-witted individuals may think that I am referring to his skin color. The pathetic and narrow view that something as base and simple as pigment has anything to do with my use of the word “novelty,” is itself racist thinking. I refer to the fact that many people voted for him because  they were “uneasy” and “uncomfortable” with things like overthrowing an Iraqi dictator, or fighting a “War on Terror” (the term now banished by the Obama White House) he was (and is) a great orator (sometimes without the teleprompter). This was in contrast to the complete lack of his leadership credentials along with his profound belief that government, rather than the individual, is more capable about making the hard decisions for us in terms of creating our means of wealth, and making decisions about our own state of health. The liberal leadership is more interested in making sure we do not offend those who enter our country illegally, but condemns those who seek to prove America’s greatness through strength. They are, in fact saying, that it is alright to be the same, both legal and illegal persons within our borders, that displaying any form of greatness through patriotism is wrong. This is embodied in Mr. Obama’s bowing (literally – see before Chinese dictators and Arab leaders all who have funded those who are a threat to our country. This is not humility – it is the display of liberal philosophy that even though our country was founded on mighty principles embodied in our Constitution, our President just wants to make sure that “everyone is a winner” including thugs and despots.

We need to reflect once again on the Thirteen Virtues of Benjamin Franklin (see

The Virtues are not used to degrade our greatness, but to ensure that as America with less government interference becomes greater, we diminish our chances of becoming corrupt. We have seen the effect of a lack of practiced virtues whether it was on Wall Street, or from individuals who lied about their income to gain a home they could not afford. We have seen it in government where our leaders have sought to fix elections in violation of the Hatch Act, rather than let the democratic process work to allow the individual candidate to achieve his or her goal.  Virtues do not inhibit our greatness, they enhance and perfect it.

Mediocrity is NOT among any virtues I know of. It is simply a path to a mental slavery of the masses.

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