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Wealth Virtues Journal: December 2, 2012

Wealth Virtues Journal: June 25, 2012

The Real Individual Mandate: How to Decrease Your Healthcare Costs and Increase Your Wealth

Filed under: Health and Wealth — Tags: , , — James Ward @ 9:29 am
© 2009 Poor Richard Web Press, LLC

Part of the new imposition of big government healthcare is an individual mandate allowing the government to punish you if you decide you don’t want to by a commercial insurance product. Regardless of the clear question of constitutionality, there is a better definition of Individual Mandate that everyone needs to adopt.

Wealth Virtues Journal: May 20, 2012

Benjamin Franklin on Medicare

Filed under: American Wealth,Franklin's Virtues: A Way to Wealth — Tags: , , , — James Ward @ 1:14 pm
© 2009 Poor Richard Web Press, LLC

Trying to imagine the mind of one of the greatest thinkers, inventors, philosophers, and statesmen of history on what he would think of government spending from an altered 300-year perspective is like trying to imagine what God thinks of Nazis. We may think the answer is obvious, but all we can really do is apply principles or “virtues” that guarantee good over evil, wealth over debt, and individual liberality over government welfare.

Wealth Virtues Journal: January 22, 2012

How to Become Wealthy in 2012 and Win a Valuable Portrait of Ben Franklin!

Filed under: Franklin's Virtues: A Way to Wealth — Tags: , , , , , , — James Ward @ 4:52 pm
© 2009 Poor Richard Web Press, LLC

The first fifty people in 2012 who purchase Wealth Virtues (paperback or Kindle) and send a qualified entry submission are eligible for a chance to win a crisp $100 bill displaying the image of the great man, or they can opt instead for a $100 Amazon gift certificate. Non-$100 winners and entries 51 through 100 will be entered to win a Kindle Fire.

Wealth Virtues Journal: January 20, 2012

The Better Road or the Better Mousetrap?

Filed under: Virtues in Business — Tags: , , , — James Ward @ 8:51 pm
© 2009 Poor Richard Web Press, LLC

The Internet is the highway (duh). What the movie industry will have to realize and deal with is distribution is now in the hands of many. The Internet is the 50-lane Interstate with many on-ramps. The SOPA and PIPA bills before Congress would have figuratively blown up huge parts of the highway to make sure people wouldn’t be able to visit a flea market with pirated stuff.

Wealth Virtues Journal: January 19, 2012

Ten Free Things to do now to Gain Control of your Finances and Save Money

Filed under: Creating Income,Wealth Resources — Tags: , , , , — James Ward @ 3:56 pm
© 2009 Poor Richard Web Press, LLC

It costs little to nothing to find out more about your finances, how to control them, and create wealth.

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